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After battling multiple chemical sensitivity for a decade and trying numerous health treatments, I'll admit that I was dubious that homeopathy could make a difference in my ability to tolerate fumes and fragrances. However, a family friend had reported A relief from MCS symptoms and recommended Michalene so highly that I drove from the Bay Area to Mariposa Homeopathy to give it a try. I am so very glad I did. My health has improved dramatically. I am now able to tolerate a wide range of environments and I have much more freedom. I am cautiously optimistic that I'm pulling out of this condition for good. Thank you Michalene!

- L.A.

I have suffered from ulcerative colitis for a number of years and reached the point of being advised by the medical profession that I should seriously consider surgery.This would involve the surgical removal of my colon as there were no real medical alternatives to treat the condition. At this point in time I was introduced to Homeopathy and Michalene. She provided me with a remedy which has worked for the past three years and is still working. Colitis is a terribly debilitating disease and Michalene`s understanding of my needs has completely transformed my wellbeing in a remarkably short time. I knew nothing of homeopathy before speaking to Michalene but I have complete faith in her ability and understanding as a practitioner.

-- Andy Gould - Worcestershire, England

After 26 years of taking Lithium Carbonate for Bi-polar disease with resulting hypothyroid disease and chronic kidney disease I am finally free of this dangerous drug. What is truly amazing is that my husband and my friends say they have never seen me so calm. When I first started seeing Michalene a year ago, I was taking other pharmaceuticals including sleeping pills. These drugs are a thing of the past. Herpes breakouts have also been almost completely eliminated. Now, I look forward to continuing my treatment with Michalene to heal my kidneys. I have complete faith in her ability to provide for my mental and physical well being. I have greatly appreciated her “always being there” for me as well as her patience towards me. I have never felt the level of caring that she has provided from any medical doctor. I recommend her to my friends and family whenever I get the chance. Thank you, Michalene, for a level of wellness I had never expected to achieve.

Jill J. -- Atwater, CA

For the past 10 years I have suffered from a constant outbreak of psoriasis. I have tried fasting, topical creams, cleanses, meditation, exercise and exorcisms. Michalene Seiler is the only person that has helped. She is intuitive and very well versed in her practice and knows how to get to the center of the problem. I am so thankful to her for the tremendous relief she has given me and give her the highest recommendation. By the way, the treatment has also reversed many other ailments (teeth, mood, weight and vitality) as a side effect. Thank you, Michalene.

-- M.C., Musician, LA

Many people are unaware of the profound effect proper homeopathic treatment can have on mental illness and related issues such as post-traumatic stress syndrome, shock, trauma, alcoholism, obsessive/compulsive behaviors, addictions, bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia and many other disorders related to the mind and spirit. Under Michalene's professional and well-trained expertise, gifted natural healing talent, and her deeply wise and compassionate nature, I am experiencing a profound level of health and hardiness on mental, physical, and spiritual levels of my being. Without having received this gift of homeopathic cure, I am sure my life, both internal and external, would not be the brilliant success it is today, especially in light of the insane and destructive circumstances I have had to overcome. Today I live in joy, peace, and abundance. I am deeply grateful to my Creator and to Michalene Seiler for her intelligent and loving care. I highly recommend homeopathic treatment with her. In fact, I believe this should be one of your top priorities.

-- T.V.

After becoming thoroughly disillusioned with allopathic medicine, homeopathy seemed to us the most sensible and natural alternative. Over the years homeopathy has cured our family of a multitude of ailments and illnesses and kept our children happy and healthy. Michalene Seiler is a wonderful homeopath; she is kind, patient and caring. It truly is such a pleasure to have your health practitioner give you all the time you need and actually listen to what you are saying. Michalene is always available and on hand. It is a testament to her skill and dedication that my three children have been anti-biotic and medicine free for years. I have recommended Michalene to all of my friends and family and everyone has been delighted by the results. So I recommend her to you, you have nothing to lose and much to gain.

-- The Esson Family

Michalene Seiler's genuine passion for her work pervades her practice, and each individual who sees her experiences the deep connection so essential to the healing relationship. That particular personal touch is therapeutic in itself, so clients can feel the process to improved health and well-being immediately begin during their first visit. She never misses a nuance that will provide clues to successful treatment, her efforts to serve others are diligent, her knowledge is extensive, and her compassion is unfailing.

-- Laurel Fishman

Michalene's experience, caring and patience was always present during our sessions, which lasted almost a year. She truly understands the holistic approach to well being, and her homeopathic remedies addressed my mental, emotion and physical body. Without her presence in my life and her healing remedies, I would not be at the level of wellness I'm in today! Thank you so much, Michalene!

-- Bahiyah Yasmeen Robinson, Marketing and Strategy Manager

Michalene Seiler is one of the leading practitioners of the new Sankaran System - in fact, she's more knowledgeable and skillful at this method than many teachers. She was able to find my (very unusual) homeopathic remedy when others, including Sankaran System teachers, have failed. I can't recommend her highly enough to all those who want to find their deepest core homeopathic remedy once and for all.

-- Dr. Louisa Williams, Marin County, CA

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Mariposa Homeopathy


5353 Italian Creek Road

Mariposa, CA 95338

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