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Most of us have small health complaints that we've learned to live with over the years or perhaps a more serious chronic illness that we must deal with daily. While symptomatic relief may be possible through conventional medicine, it often doesn't cure the underlying condition responsible for the disorder.

Homeopathy, a two hundred-year-old natural healing system, does both, making it possible to provide lasting relief for hard-to-treat ailments such as allergies, depression, migraines, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, PMS and many other ailments that limit the freedom of true health.

Choosing the right homeopath is an important decision and I hope this site will offer some insight as to how I practice and what you might expect if we work together. For those in Mariposa or the Sierra Foothills area, an in-person visit is ideal, but thanks to modern technology I can now "see" homeopathic clients from New York to Miami, Chicago to Denver, San Francisco to Memphis and all points in-between. Please feel free to call or write with any questions prior to making an appointment.

Wishing you all health and freedom--


Mariposa Homeopathy


5353 Italian Creek Road

Mariposa, CA 95338

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